Polish FAQs and Other Information

Keeping Track of Your Collection

One questions I see a lot online, in the polish groups I’m in, is about how to keep track of one’s collection. How to avoid buying duplicates, keep a wishlist, keep a destash list, and not get it all confused. For Juleps, I cannot recommend enough the site:
Aria’s site is amazing. It has pictures and details on every julep polish, including collection, release date, finish, etc. It’s a wonderful resource to look up colors, and also allows you to compare colors to each other. You can also keep a collection list, a wishlist, and a sell/swap list, which can be kept private, or made public so that others can view them using your link. I would definitely check it out.

Storing Your Collection

Take a look at my polish storage post, which includes suggestions for collections big and small, including reviews of Melmer, Ikea Alex, and Ikea Helmer, three very common storage units.

More To Be Added…