Julep Bottle History

I see questions about the different versions of bottles asked a lot in Julep groups online so thought this would be useful. This is, to the best of my knowledge, and accurate detailing of the different bottles/bottle designs Julep has used.

There are two types of Julep bottles, round, and square. The smaller round bottles were used in the salons before the online subscription service launched in 2011. The circular bottles are 7ml, and are generally harder to find.


Original Circular Salon Bottles

The square bottles launched with the subscription service in 2011, and have been the same shape and size since, holding 8ml of polish. The bottle’s written designs have had some minor changes. There have been three different bottles, as far as I can tell. The first was from 2011-October 2012. The new bottle came out with the November 2012 collection (although you can get older colors in that bottle) and was used until sometime in mid 2014. From that point on, the newest and current bottle was used.

WMBottle Fronts

Bottle Front

The original bottle (yellow) only said nail vernis on the front, whereas the second (green) and third (blue) versions say nail color vernis a ongles on the front. You’ll also see that the original bottle didn’t list size on the front (it’s on the side), whereas the newer two both have size on the front, in slightly different formats.

WMSide Swatches

Left Side of the Bottle


The left side of the bottle originally stated the bottle size on the bottom, which was moved to the front in the second version. The first two versions featured a black design, which was mean to represent a color swatch. This was removed in the most recent version. The right side of the bottle has never had any design on it.

WMBottle Backs

Back of the Bottle

The back of the bottle originally had Directions, which also pointed out that the polish was 3-free. The second version lists 4-free, and the most recent lists 5-free. Please note, Julep polish has always been 5 free. They’ve simply updated the phrasing as industry terminology has changed. They’ve confirmed this multiple times.

WMBottle Labels

Bottle Labels


Finally, bottle labels. Originally, bottles came with a barcode tag with the polish name on them (Cameron). In 2012, the name label was simplified and moved to the bottom. Some only have the name, and others had a name and a batch number (Daisy). You’ll notice that the digit the batch number starts with indicates the year (2=2012, 3=2013, etc.). Starting in 2013 through current bottles, the label included the year the polish was produced, the number it was that year (Carmen was the 157th polish of 2015), the name, the style profile, and the batch number.